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Downtown Brooklyn August Events



Downtown Brooklyn August Events

It gets hot and sweaty in August, but that doesn’t mean Brooklyn slows down. Hub really is in the center of all that hot Brooklyn goodness. There is always so much to do and experience in your area, and this August is no exception.


No need to travel to Park City and score a ticket to Sundance.  Just take a stroll from Hub to Fort Greene Park to see new Sundance documentary “Pick of the Litter,” for a free screening on August 23rd, presented by Rooftop Films.  “Pick of the Litter” follows a litter of puppies from the moment they are born and begin their quest to become guide dogs for the blind.  In a world where craziness dominates the news cycle every day, spending the night with an uplifting movie under the Brooklyn night sky sounds pretty good.


Get in shape at Hub’s gym and show off what all those squats have accomplished at a good ole fashioned kickball game.  Make new friends and dominate like you used to on the playground with the Brooklyn Kickball League!  You want in? They play every Wednesday and Sunday for the rest of the summer.  Join the group anytime for Brooklyn Kickball’s 2018 Season.  Experience what people call “the best damn co-ed league in the world.”  Jump in on Sundays from 3-11pm & Wednesdays from 8-11pm at both McCarren Park and Lindsay/Sternberg Park. Get more info at their website:


Hub has almost everything right here in the building, but if you’re itching for some beach & ocean, take a day trip to the beloved New York classic, Coney Island.  Enjoy the beach and the boardwalk for a little bit. Then have a blast at Luna Park. Play some games, go on some rides and release your inner child. Afterwards, make your way to the Coney Island Brewery.  Enjoy a locally brewed beer and catch some of the Friday night fireworks that they have going on all summer long. Maybe practice some Mindful Yoga on the beach courtesy of Coney Island Brewery.


Hub is centered in one of the most culturally rich neighborhoods in the world.  Each night of the week there is a comedy happening nearby. Find the funny in Brooklyn at one of the many comedy shows. The Bell House has some great comedy in August.  Also, don’t miss their series, #Adulting with Michelle Buteau and Jordan Carlos. Side Ponytail is a free comedy show on Mondays at 8 pm at Friends & Lovers in Crown Heights.  Whiplash is another not to be missed comedy show going on every week at Union.  Check out all the best comics from across the country and abroad, performing weekly at Whiplash.


Finish off summer with a bang this August and enjoy all going on around Hub in Brooklyn!

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