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‘Romantic’ Date Spots in Brooklyn



‘Romantic’ Date Spots in Brooklyn

Valentine’s Day is coming, and with that so is everyone’s anxiety!

If you’re committed, finding the perfect romantic spot for you and your ‘person’ to spend the evening is a nightmare and not to mention, expensive. If ‘it’s complicated’, figuring out what to do is a challenge in its own right. Finally, if you are single like us (if you know any cute, single but ready to mingle buildings- let us know), finding the right place for that meal-for-two-for-one can be equally daunting!

With so many places to go near Hub, it can be hard to zone in on the right spot for your Valentine’s Day! Below are a few suggestions that will help make it a night to remember…or forget.

Evelina is a chic Italian-Mediterranean spot with a beautiful Valentine’s Day special. The menu reflects romance and sophistication (pinkies up!) with oysters, champagne & strawberries presented in new, inventive ways.  With great service and a cozy environment, Evelina is a great space for your Valentine’s Day romantic dinner.

If you are looking to step it up this year and show off to your significant other or Instagram followers (are you one of ours btw? Let’s be besties! @HubBrooklyn), check out Colonie. They are serving up a 4-course menu at $85 per guest.  There will be oysters, burrata, lamb, berries, chocolate and more!  Colonie stays true to supporting local farms and gives the neighborhood a comfortable, inviting spot to drink & eat, while amping up the romance on Valentine’s Day. Just don’t overeat if you’re planning on post-dinner Netflix and Chill back at your place, because let’s be real, living at Hub you totally have the better place.

If you don’t want a traditional Valentine’s Day dinner, or if chocolate and booze are your true loves, we totally recommend the weekend tours at Cacao Prieto.  For $20/person (score!), take an in-depth look at the history of cacao in the Dominican Republic and how the chocolate magic happens. Plus, after you learn about chocolate there’s part two – booze! Take a look at distilling rums, liqueurs, and whiskey from grain-to-barrel-to-bottle-to-stomach with their tasting flights of chocolate and spirits.

Regardless of how and with who you plan on spending February 14th with, there are so many options nearby, since you made the smart choice to live at Hub.

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