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Vintage shopping in Downtown BK



Vintage shopping in Downtown BK

Hub is central to some wonderful vintage shopping.  Find some designer duds for less at these nearby consignment shops. Save the environment and channel your nostalgic side by going vintage.  Brooklyn is also teeming with vintage spots where you can put together some creative and cheap Halloween costumes. Please don’t buy the sexy cat costume this year, instead find a one of a kind outfit at one of the many thrift shops near Hub. Whether you are thinking Madonna or Tonya Harding, you won’t have to worry about someone showing up in the same outfit.

If you are looking for a designer look for less, stop by Consignment Brooklyn at 371 Atlantic Ave.  They aim to provide customers with an option that is stylish, sustainable and smart.  Sure you can browse some edgy high-end threads from the nearby Eva Gentry boutique, but the designer consignment is really where the gems are!

m.a.e. is another treasure chest of vintage clothes.  Find some designer clothes at affordable prices.  With elegant dresses and to-die-for shoes, m.a.e. should be one of your first stops when on the hunt for top vintage goods. Stop by often and you may be able to snag a pair of Louboutin’s for under $150.

If you want to go super retro, stroll over to Olive’s Very Vintage, a small vintage shop with a refined selection of clothes & accessories from the late 1800s to 1980s. The owner of Olive’s has been a lifelong fashion fan. She strives to help customers find that special piece of clothing, accessory, or complete outfit that will make them feel unique and fabulous. The Olive’s team knows that dress is a visual expression of one’s inner identity and style, so helping women to define their look with unique vintage style is the Olive’s team’s first priority.

taeg is another great local shop to find some vintage clothing. They also sell contemporary clothes and are inspired by the idea of mixing unique vintage and modern pieces. They are also strongly committed to re-purposing and recycling your clothes to help save the environment. By purchasing second-hand, you are able to live each day knowing you’ve single-handedly helped reduce stress on mother earth. Look good and feel good about it too!

Not only can you find some dope designer pieces at a consignment shop, but with Halloween approaching, thrift stores are the mecca of Halloween costume shopping.  Spend less money than you would on a second-rate witch costume and put together something clever and kickass.  Beacon’s Closet and L Train Vintage are the old standbys when it comes to thrift stores. They’ve been around a while and have tons to choose from.  Sometimes it’s like searching for a needle in a haystack, but it is always worth the look!  At Beacon’s Closet, you can also sell some of your clothes for credit.  They even have a section of their website dedicated to Halloween finds.  L Train Vintage is extensive in their selection of tees, jeans, dresses and more.  Expect to spend a long time sifting through the goodies. If you spend time at Beacon’s Closet or L Train Vintage we are sure you can find some great DIY costumes like Cher from Clueless, Margot Tenenbaum, Frida Kahlo, Shania Twain, the cast of Stranger Things, and many others.

Brooklyn really is busting with vintage spots. If you’re looking for more places to hunt down those ones of a kind beauties, try 10 ft. Single by Stella Dallas, weekends at Brooklyn FleaFox and Fawn, and su’juk, just to name a few. Now go forth and shop!

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