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Experience the Modern and Classic Parks of Brooklyn This Season

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Experience the Modern and Classic Parks of Brooklyn This Season

If you’re looking to get outside this season and explore Brooklyn’s best parks, look no further. From the classic Prospect Park to the more modern Domino Park, there’s a park for just about everyone in NYC.

Brooklyn Bridge Park

As far as Brooklyn’s parks go, Brooklyn Bridge Park is one of the most awe inspiring places in the borough due to its scenic waterfront paired with incredible views. This is one of Brooklyn’s more popular parks for obvious reasons so you’re bound to see a lot of other people while spending time here. There’s also a lot of events happening at Brooklyn Bridge Park and sights to see like the famous Jane Carousel. Learn more about Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Domino Park

One of Brooklyn’s most modern parks, the 5-acre Domino Park was built in 2018 beside the East River in Williamsburg. Named after the Domino Sugar company, the park is built on the land where the company’s sugar refiner operated until as late as 2004. 

Now, this isn’t your typical public park and it’s quite clear after visiting that this isn’t a classic park either. This is a modern park built only recently and the features within the park are what take it to that next level. Featuring a fog bridge, an incredibly unique playground for the kiddos, a water fountain, beach volleyball courts, bocce courts and views of the Manhattan skyline just across the water. Learn more about Domino Park.

Prospect Park

When we say “classic park,” we’re talking about none other than Prospect Park. Designed by the same landscape architects who created Central Park, since its opening in 1867, designers Olmsted & Vaux have created the perfect NYC destination for picnics, park strolls, family barbecues and zoo visits. Learn more about Prospect Park.

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